Intelligence is asking the right questions in the right way

To allow us to assess and record risks in detail, we collect the data we need using an easy online-based question and answer method.

Digital risk questionnaires with intuitive entry logic are used. Existing data flows into the data pool. This tool can be used to record diverse data records from extremely varied sources in a uniform, structured way. Processing in relational databases is used to analyze and prepare the data, which can then be evaluated in a multidimensional manner. Data can be written back to your core management systems at any time.

data recording video

XEDARIS smart score

Use Cases

  • Global entry and automated evaluation of all risk-relevant data for worldwide master coverage or international insurance programs
  • Structured recording and linkage of customer, employee and third-party data records that are relevant for insurance policies and risks and that have not already been created in internal management systems
  • Structured preprocessing, preparation and implementation of the obligatory annual insurance policy discussion with the policyholder; interruption-free, audit-proof history management
  • Recording and analysis of the response behaviour of insurers and/or insurance brokers in the tender process; structured control of sales and/or placement management
  • Creation of digitalized risk inspection reports with integrated media functions (photos, videos, audio etc.) and photography function; central processing and evaluation of all inspection facts; transparent, controllable portfolios
  • Support for policy portfolio transfers through the structured entry of all UWR-relevant data records from extremely diverse digital or analogue sources