What’s cool is letting technology do the work for you

cool:view protects your resources, makes potentially high fixed costs variable and produces digital end-products.

With cool:view, XE:DARIS offers various options for a full-service digital inspection technology package: Including the device, software, data processing and inspection manpower available globally.

High-end laser tracking systems (VLX) allow real 3D digital twins to be produced on site. Instead of blurry, restrictive image visualizations, anyone can take part in the inspection at the click of a link, and can make measurements and use other functions that only digital data processing makes possible. The generated virtual inspection can be assessed at any time by anyone: If damage occurs, when expanding business premises, to keep track of necessary revisions of fire protection systems and more.

And if this is too “techie” for you, a stream can also be produced with your own mobile phone or tablet. Experts can follow the inspection in real time both verbally and visually and can give directions if necessary. Digital risk recording with an automatically determined risk mitigation index enhances this fast, cost-effective inspection method.

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XEDARIS cool view

Use cases

  • Ideal for avoiding the costly, time-consuming use of one’s own manpower
  • Great if you need to provide more than just a written report plus media to third parties
  • Perfect if a partial inspection, rather than a full inspection, is required for expansion work or new constructions