A huge arsenal with a whole host of uses

At first glance, the data volumes are immense. But the active business-oriented exploration of these data volumes is really small. Making the relevant data available in digital form is incredibly valuable: This is where giant:data comes in!

This product contains an entire toolbox of tools and systems for targeted data hunting in global databases. A risk taxonomy clusters the available sources by risk category and risk driver. The data can be procured on a case-by-case basis or updated constantly via a data stream. Data hubs enable access to thousands of prepared data records. The interface to your systems is included.

In addition, smart Web crawlers can be used as really efficient “tracker dogs”. They search through Websites for buzzwords or search terms that you have defined.

We also offer compact reports for the specific risk profiles of industry sectors.

You get a more authentic image of a risk profile for customers or entire sectors. Customer centricity requires accurate, up-to-date knowledge about latent and future risk structures. Sales, product design, UWE and damage/risk prevention all benefit from this. The times of simply looking in your rear view mirror at data from the past are gone. This is the era of the head-up display.