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Let us raise your data IQ!
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Just imagine being able to digitally record, interlink and evaluate all relevant data pertaining to your customers and being able to access that data in real time. Just imagine having the tools you need to immediately recognize and evaluate risk-specific data. Just imagine solving your data dilemma with out-of-the-box tools. At XEDARIS, we focus on throwing the door to your risk-specific data world wide open!

Data management is complex

Data management includes data procurement, data enhancement and data analysis. We cover the entire spectrum. And we use our own software developments and tools to do so. We’re also supported by products supplied by our highly specialized partners.

Plug & play

We offer software as a service (SaaS) solutions. Our solutions are compatible with your core applications and can be used straight away – plug & play. If necessary, we can take on all of the processing work, too. Welcome to a new data management dimension.

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What we believe in

XEDARIS can significantly improve your data management in the areas of commercial insurance and risk management. We use the latest digital tools to take your data collection to a new level.

Additional data takes you beyond the usual perspectives. You’ll gain completely new evaluation capability. And your analysis perspective will be expanded. You’ll benefit from more efficient work processes overall.

Digital data collection and evaluation open up new opportunities for your product and service offerings. They allow new functions that go far beyond traditional approaches.

Let data give you a head start

A digital data collection infrastructure can easily integrate other systems and supply them with data. This enables processes in which recurrent data is processed, interlinked, analyzed and transferred in real time (in an end-to-end value creation chain). This allows customer-specific analyses to be developed and relationships to be recognized early on.

More than a one hit wonder

Digital data management is a concept that’s designed to be holistic. It has three spheres:

  1. Systems of record: For saving and displaying information
  2. Systems of intelligence: For filtering important analytical information
  3. Systems of engagement: For supporting digital interaction with customers and partners

Next-level data

Our innovative products master this multi-layered universe like experts. Each tool provides you with the perfect knowledge base for new and intelligent ideas which will allow you to remain competitive in the future. Find out more about our products here


Our digital tools cover the entire data management spectrum. They can really hunt down the relevant risk data of a company. And each of our products has its own special talents.